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Russell Stannard  „Webwatcher“  „English Teaching Professional“, März 2009, S. 71



http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2010/02/01/the-best-movie-scenes-to-use-for-english-language-development/, February 1, 2010



Stempleski, Susan and Tomalin Barry, Film, Resource Books for Teachers, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2001




Ideas about how to exploit the endless possibilities You Tube videos offer in the classroom (Jamie Keddie)




Another great resource for teachers, added to Vimeo and TED



Ideas for using movie previews 

on ESL Partyland



Eight Ways to Use Videos  

by Larry Ferlazzo



Audio- und Videolinks         

Kommentierte Linkliste zu den Themenbereichen der LSt. 1 und LSt. 2, erstellt vom BSprA



FILM UK        

Watch short films created by young people in the UK and practise your listening at the same time. (Kieran Donaghy)



Simple English Videos  

by Vicki Hollett (via Kieran Donaghy)




All videos are with English subtitles. Click on unknown words, see their translation, add them to your library for further study and practice with people from all over the world. (via Kieran Donaghy)



Viral ELT  

Viral Videos for Higher Level ELT by Ian James (via Kieran Donaghy)



All at C

Video lesson plans for teachers (via Kieran Donaghy)



Film English

by Kieran Donaghy




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