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Beispiel 14

Page history last edited by Andrew Pickles 4 years, 8 months ago

You play the ad (making sure you start it and get it onto the full screen mode before they can see it, e.g. before you turn the projector on, so that they can’t see the writing on the Youtube page) and then pause it at some point for them to guess the product type, company name, nationality of product or whatever else they can with “It must/ may/ might/ could/ can’t be…” or similar phrases like “It is almost certainly…”. 

And without further ado, here are the links:


Schweppes Burst Slow Motion Balloons Ad


Michel Gondry Levi’s ad (good because it looks like it could be a condom ad for a while)


Tango fat orange man kissing ad (only works if they don’t know what Tango is, could also discuss the whole slapping version being banned thing)


Aphex Twin Pirelli ad (good because it looks like a trainer ad, but you might want to turn the music down or even off if you have older students!)


Fed Ex caveman commercial (You’ll need to pause it fairly early, because they mention the name during the ad, maybe once when he sends the stick and again when he reports on the package)


Sony Bravia colour bunnies ad (a bit obvious, good for if they are getting disappointed with not guessing any. Pause near the beginning, again when the colours start to get really wild, and again when the slogan comes up just before the Sony Bravia name appears)


Anti fur ad (very gruesome, so maybe some violent reactions or maybe some interesting discussion depending on the class)


Nike Courage Commercial (a bit obvious what it is for perhaps)


Budweiser frogs ad (pause after the “bud” sound happens twice, then again when the other frog says “weis” and finally when a frog says “er”- but before the sign on top of the bar appears)


Herba natural drink ad (in Spanish with English subtitles, the first one of a compilation)


Chris Cunningham PSP (Play Station Portable) ad


Nick Kamen Laundrette Ad 


Inspired by Alex Case at TEFL.net

March 5 2010

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