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Beispiel 11

Page history last edited by Andrew Pickles 4 years, 8 months ago


Watch Al Gore talking on averting the climate crisis. Unfortunately there are some expressions missing in the transcript from 08:52 minutes on. Can you complete it?








OK. Now, what can you do? Reduce emissions in your home. Most of these ________________ are also profitable. Insulation, better design, buy green electricity where you can. I mentioned automobiles -- buy a ____________. Use light rail. Figure out some of the other options that are much better. It's important.

Be a green consumer. You have choices with everything you buy, between things that have a harsh effect or a much less harsh effect on the global climate crisis. Consider this. Make a decision to live a carbon-neutral life. Those of you who are good at _____________, I'd love to get your advice and help on how to say this in a way that connects with the most people. It is easier than you think. It really is. A lot of us in here have made that decision and it is really pretty easy. It means: reduce your carbon dioxide emissions with the full range of choices that you make, and then purchase or acquire offsets for the ____________ that you have not completely reduced. And what it means is elaborated at climatecrisis.net.


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