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Beispiel 6

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Watch the video from 0:28 till 2:00 and put the sentences in the correct order:


1. JONATHAN HARLEY: Bernie Accola had multiple broken bones and, critically, punctured lungs and a burst aorta.


2. At present I'm serving a 14-month incarcerated prison sentence at Berrima for drink-driving offences, my first and only ever offence.


3. JONATHAN HARLEY: Three years ago, Rochelle Jones made a life-shattering mistake.


4. ROCHELLE JONES: I have no memory of that night.

I was told that I had had a serious accident and that I had been drinking, that I lost control of my vehicle and I crossed onto the other side of the road and collected a person on a motorbike.


5. ROCHELLE JONES: Good evening, everybody, and thank you very much for coming tonight. My name is Rochelle.


6. BERNIE ACCOLA: I was going to my girlfriend's place, travelling from the northern beaches into North Shore, but I don't actually remember the riding or putting on my helmet or any of those things.


7. JONATHAN HARLEY: Trauma may have blocked their recollections, but both Rochelle Jones and Bernie Accola know all too well what happened.


8. BERNIE ACCOLA: I've been told that I'm very lucky to have made the recovery that I've made and to even have made it to hospital.


9. JONATHAN HARLEY: Incredibly, today Bernie Accola is almost fully recovered.

He and his wife Megan are expecting their first child next year.


10. BERNIE ACCOLA: Considering what has happened, I'm very happy.


11. ROCHELLE JONES: Living with me is hard, living in there is hard, so I never take for granted anything ever again.


12. JONATHAN HARLEY: Long after her own broken bones have mended, Rochelle Jones is still plagued with remorse and guilt.



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